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We raise healthy & happy Labradoodle puppies

KailaI grew up with a Labradoodle. My Labradoodle changed and enriched my life. I promised myself that if I was ever able to find the perfect dogs with outstanding pedigrees I would do it once. After our first breeding and puppy training experience our family fell in love. Our children experienced a world that one cannot teach a child without seeing and experiencing in their everyday life. They were opened to a world of emotional and physical sacrifice, and tender loving joy. While we love the Labradoodles we have decided to offer families more variety by expanding our bloodlines into English Cream / Apricot Standard Goldendoodles and Double-Doodles. Our goal going forward is to create Low- No shedding dogs in a variety of sizes, with a Teddy Bear look.

What makes us different from
other breeders?

We pride ourselves in our authentic approach to breeding and training. Our loving integrity is shown in the quality of puppies we breed, raise, and train. We are truly fortunate and blessed to be able to breed dogs that are desirable for the busy family. Since we know how important the puppy prep-school training is for the success for the adoptive family, we keep the puppies on a tight training schedule. We care for our puppies around the clock with puppy-sitters.

Exercise and Nutrition is of utmost importance to us. We feed our dogs Fromm dog food. When a mother dog is pregnant and nursing our mother dog receives platinum care. She is fed a high-protein Organic diet, along with vitamin supplements to ensure proper nutrition to herself as well as her puppies. Our mother dog enjoys the special attention she receives. IF a mother dog is treated like a Queen she will take even better care of her little princes, and princesses.

Our breeding dogs live the life of luxury in their own private family environment. Since we do not believe a dog should exist to breed or live their life in a kennel we use Guardian families. Our parent dogs stay with their family until delivery. We add value to adoptive families by providing a fully crate trained, potty-bell trained, and sleep through the night puppy service. We work hard and do not sleep much so that you can.