Lovin' Labradoodles


Why do you breed?

We enjoy changing people's lives for the better! Life is hard…..our dogs are Good and we are very proud of them! I love designing dogs that have an irresistible personality and unique look. Of course since we are sporty people we will always have sporty dogs! We are always in training ourselves so to add little 4-legged, furry, baby pups into our lives just makes our life more enriching and rewarding.

What is the difference of Labradoodles?

Here is the Science of Breeding Labradoodles:
Poodle X Lab= F1 Labradoodle
F1 X F1= F2
F1 X Poodle=F1b (b means they were bred back to the poodle)
F2 X F2 = F3
F2 X Poodle= F2b
Australian Labradoodle---a recognized/registered breed

What is a Double Doodle?

A Labradoodle x Goldendoodle = Double Doodle

Why do you breed a Double Doodle?

Who doesn't love the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever breed? Combine the two with a poodle and an incredible Super Dog is formed — Intelligent, pleasing, and endearing. The parents depend on achieving success in this cross. We do all health screenings and our breeding program is ONLY hands-on No kennels to ensure a winning breeding combination!

Isn't it hard seeing your puppies go? Don't you want to keep all of them?

We spend every second of every day loving and training our puppies. We put our life on "hold" to fill our puppies love tanks to the brim. Since we are blessed with healthy, intelligent, low-maintenance dogs we want to share their offspring with others. Besides our children, our dog breeding program is our legacy. WE love making a positive difference in families lives! We WANT to have the BEST dogs and be your Dream breeder.
Our family shares our puppy prep-school training so that families can easily transition with their new beloved pup.
We provide puppies to families that are scared to own a puppy. They come crate, potty-bell trained, socialized, and sleep through the night. Step one is done.
Step two is up to the family to finish their obedience training. We love our puppies to the fullest so that we can let them go to their destined forever home.

What is the difference between a male dog and a female?

Basically size. Males tend to be larger and females smaller. Our goal has been and always will be health and temperament in our breeding program. If a dog is not BOTH, then the dog will not be bred. We want easy to train companions to blend into their families.

Do your dogs shed?

Going forward 2016 and on we will be focusing on Low-NO shedding breedings. We will always state what degree of coat is planned. IF you do not know, please ask!

What makes you different from other breeders?

Our loving integrity always comes first.
We are professional athletes that train children and adults in our designated profession. Physical fitness is important to us and our furry, 4-legged trainers help to keep us in shape and healthy. While we enjoy what we do, we cherish the opportunity to meet new families and make their lives better with a wagging Lovin' tail in it. We know the power of change from a soul-filled, specially designed Lovin' Doodle dog. That is the foundation of why WE started breeding.

Puppy Prep-School Training what is that? Does it cost more?

We are fortunate to have a flexible schedule so that we are able to commit eight intense weeks of 24-hour care, and puppy prep-school training.
Every puppy is trained so all puppies can be successful in whatever order they are picked. Puppies are raised on a schedule: eating, sleeping, playing outdoors, socializing and using the crate. We want every family to be successful no matter what puppy pick number you are. We are the only breeder that does not charge extra for this service.

How often do you breed?

In the past we only bred once a year. Going forward we will have more puppy varieties and opportunities but always on a limited basis.

I noticed your website says "Lovin Labradoodles and more….."
What does that mean?

We have expanded our bloodlines and will be offering more variety in the future: English Cream/ Apricot Goldendoodles, and Double-Doodles in a variety of sizes. WE are excited!!

Why do you breed a dog with NO AKC recognition?

We like the variation of creating Doodles with amazing personalities and unique looks. The breed has captured our heart.
We have spent money on certifications so that we can prove we are just as serious about breeding as any other name-brand breeder. We DO need certain paperwork to prove our credentials but we do not need to be accredited thru AKC.
Traveling around the U.S showing and competing dogs is not important to us. Providing the BEST 4-legged family companion to a busy family like ours is!

Why are Doodles price range so wide?

Personally I believe the price reflects the quality of the puppy and care it receives and the Guarantee of the Breeder. However, that is often not the case. Puppies can be bought online with Lifetime guarantees for $2800. However, you will never know where the puppy is coming from and how it is raised.
Also how can someone give a Lifetime guarantee??? We do not live in a perfect world.
We recommend meeting the parent dogs and the breeder before any consideration is made to adopt a puppy. Never adopt an animal you feel sorry for. Do your Research, and breeder shop. Go with your instincts!

How do I get a puppy?

Fill out the on-line application. We will contact you. IF our breeding time is of interest to you and you would like to place a deposit then we will schedule an in-our home meeting or phone call.

Do you ship your puppies?

We do not have the heart to ship our puppies. We do not breed in mass quantity to have to do this. We may consider driving the puppy to you for additional fees if timing, schedules, and weather permits. We will also fly with our pup to their destined home for additional fees.

Why are your puppies so special?

Our Puppies are raised in a loving, stress-free environment. What does that mean exactly? They are always cared for in clean environment in our home 24 hours a day by our family to ensure the pups grow-up with a secure, outgoing disposition. Our pups are social butterflies we like to say.
A common statement that we have heard from people is "Are your puppies always this calm?" Yes they are. Our goal is quality never quantity. We are focused and intentional with our time we have together. Our family is committed to breeding and training only at select times. We start by holding our puppies from the day they are born. Our puppies are loved, trained, and socialized. We are a busy family and know the importance of our included puppy prep-school behavior and manners training. The included training service is priceless!

How do you determine the adoption value of a Doodle or any puppy?

1. Environment- Nature/ Nurture DOES make a difference. You cannot retrain HOW a puppy is taken care of and handled or NOT handled.
2. Quality of Dam/ Sire- Certifications, Pedigree paperwork to ensure quality control.
3. Professional Veterinary Care- Ultrasounds, X-rays, breeding tests (projesterone,) Vet certificates with shots inclusions.
4. Area of the State puppy is raised in. Unfortunately Vet Care, and Dog maintenance costs more in certain areas.
5. Is specialty training included? Potty, crate, socialization?
6. Breeder Guarantee
7. Location where pups are kept---barn, garage, house
8. Cleanliness
9. Spay/neuter included?

Do you ESN (Early Spay/ Neuter)?

No we do not believe in fixing an animal that has not fully developed their organs. YES, we spay/neuter our pups IF the adoptive family elects to use our Veterinarian when the puppy is atleast 5 months old.
IF adoptive family does not choose our Vet then we credit the adoptive family $300 to be paid once we receive the Veterinarian documentation of successful spay/neuter before the puppy is 7 months old.

Do you offer extended-stay puppy prep-school training?

Yes. We will discuss your family life schedule and puppy goals and the puppy will be trained according to it. We understand family life is crazy busy and not everyone wants a 8-week old pup. This service is to help mature the puppy to the stage that is ideal for the adoptive family. Reservations for this service are limited to one puppy.